Kysha Harriell

Filmed 11/08/19

Ask the Right Questions: What Athletic Trainers Can Teach Us About Healthcare

Health care providers have the power to change lives. But what if your doctor isn’t asking you the right questions? Or what if they simply don’t understand the answers that you give? A patient’s race, religion and culture can influence the treatment they receive and the decisions they make. Dr. Kysha Harriell, Associate Clinical Professor and Program Director of Athletic Training at UM explains how athletic trainers are leading the way to patient-centered care.

Kysha Harriell, PhD, ATC
Clinical Associate Professor and Executive Director of the Office of Academic Enhancement
Department of Kinesiology and Sport Sciences
School of Education and Human Development

Dr. Kysha Harriell is an Associate Clinical Professor and Director of the Athletic Training Program at the University of Miami. She has three degrees from UM -- a doctorate in Exercise Physiology and two master’s degrees in Sports Medicine, and Sports Administration. Dr. Harriell worked as an athletic trainer with UM’s football, basketball, track & field, and soccer programs. Her research has examined women’s health, and health care issues affecting ethnically diverse communities. Dr. Harriell speaks nationally on issues of cultural competence and chairs the Ethnic Diversity Advisory Committee of the National Athletic Trainers Association.