Anita Cava

Filmed 4/5/17

May I Borrow Your Glasses? My Reputation Depends On It

News headlines provide a steady stream of ways in which the drive for profits and the pace of change can lead organizations and decision-makers to push the envelope and put others at risk. How is that avoided? How can busy executives – indeed, all of us -- see more clearly when faced with hard decisions? University of Miami Business Professor Anita Cava has spent decades preparing future business leaders to protect their personal reputation in an era of public accountability.

Anita Cava Anita Cava is a Professor of Business Law and Director of the Business Ethics Program at the University of Miami. She has written extensively about ethics in healthcare and clinical settings and the legal and ethical obligations of corporations. Cava has created numerous university programs to extend research and dialogue about ethics across disciplines and areas of professional practice. She is the recipient of numerous awards for outstanding teaching.